150 years ago Castlemaine became world-renowned for its underground wealth. It still boasts, to this day, the richest alluvial gold reef ever discovered.

Today the wealth of Castlemaine can still be found underground, albeit in a more human form. Scratch the surface of this pleasant little town and you will find communities of painters, sculptors, actors, musicians, film makers, dancers, digital media artists – and artists who defy classification altogether!

The Fringe Thing Inc. is a committee of old and new Castlemaine locals devoted to uniting and showcasing the wealth of local underground talent from Castlemaine and its surrounds. The biennial Castlemaine Fringe festival is the pinnacle of this showcase of local art and culture.

Consisiting of a cross-section of Castlemaine artists, The Fringe Thing Inc. understand the purity of art produced for the sheer sake of art itself, unadulterated by profit or mainstream perceptions. And as loyal locals, who better to concentrate the magic in the history of underground Castlemaine and project it outwards to the rest of the world?

In addition to producing the biennial arts festival, The Fringe Thing Inc also supports two major outlets for arts in Castlemaine:

CASPA – Castlemaine Contemporary Art Space is an artist-run arts space situated above Stonemans Bookroom and has a new exhibition each month of local contemporary art.

Arts Open is a biennial open studio festival across the Castlemaine and Mount Alexander district, offering an insight into the artist in their natural environment.

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