Ophelia Thinks Harder

Ophelia Thinks Harder is the Waldorf Players first production for 2011 and will form part of the Fringe Festival. Taking Hamlet as its starting point, the play is a witty exploration of what it is like to be a woman at the mercy of tragic male stereotypes. Written by Jean Betts, it has become one of New Zealand’s more successful plays.

In Ophelia Thinks Harder, Hamlet has become a strutting irrelevance, epitomising the male ego at its worst.  Instead it is Ophelia who is centre stage delivering all the big speeches. The play satisfies those who are familiar with Hamlet, but also works in its own right as a gloriously funny, sometimes irreverent, romp.

This riotous reworking of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy features Ophelia, her maid, St Joan and a Queen who gladly offers some ‘motherly’ advice: “Oh Sweetie Darling – he’s a man, they can do what they like.  Men are the centre of the world.  Best to ignore them – smile sweetly…and be careful not to wobble.”

In this thoroughly revised version of Hamlet, history is re-written, speeches are doctored and the best lines go to the incredibly hard-thinking Ophelia. Hamlet has been turned inside out to make this a fantastic farce to rival the best of Shakespeare’s.

There will be four performances at the Guildford Music Hall (next to the Guildford Family Hotel) on 3, 4, 6 and 7 April, all at 8pm. Tickets at the door – for further information ring 5475 2505.

warning: this performance contains coarse language, sexual references and some violence and is therefore suggested to be rated MA – not recommended for children under 15 .