Track Alley April Fools Fringe Opening Party

Track Alley and Fringe present a unique multi-media, music and performance art evening exploring ‘the fool’s first steps into the wilderness of existence.’

Live performers and DJs throughout the night.  Featuring local, melbourne and international performers featuring international stars Black Lung [David Thrussell], Bubble & Squeak – Melbourne resident DJs When in Rome, PeaceyP, Amy Matilda and local acts Dr Jaffle and Earworm.

PLUS Ambah face and body art – Justin Schmidt interactive video – performance art – and dancing, of course…

At Caspa, above Stoneman’s Bookroom, Fri 1 April – $10 full / $7 conc

Nutty Dotforest – percussion and spoken word

The Track Alley team have put together a very special welcome just for Fringe!

8:00pm Howard-Andersen live improvised electronica

Two members of local improv group Atmos Ensemble, Simon Howard and Scott Sanders bring their eclectic and diverse influences together to create intellectual ambient electronica

8:45pm Earworm live electro-pop

Castlemainiacs Joanna, Simon, Rory and Andrew create elecro-pop inspired by electronic producers such as Mathew Herbert, French chantauses such as Francioz Breut and cheesy early eighties English pop sounds.

9.30 Sophia Sin – live electronica

10 Evil Jed – live dub techno

10.45 Dr Jaffle – 8-bit breaks

Born and Bred in the far corners of The Mushroom Kingdom, Dr. Jaffle is of many musical talent.  The Doc has been known to use his music for medicinal purposes. HE CAN ALSO MAKE ONE HELL OF A JAFFLE!!!  Dr. Jaffle is Soupper crazy. Messed Up Tunes. You Like

11.30 Avante Garde – minimal tech

12.15 Black Lung (David Thrussell) – the etheric plasma manifested in “musical” form

David Thrussell is a poet trapped in the body of a hillbilly. Or a hopeless romantic hidden in the twisted frame of a dark electronic musician. Late at night Thrussell fantasizes that actually he lives next door to Hieronymous Bosch in Medieval Europe and has hallucinated the whole dreadful modern era while suffering from acute ergot poisoning. We are not entirely convinced that this is not the case.

1.15 Bubble & Squeak – live tech-house-electronica

For the first time ever in over a decade of playing live electronic music, Australian duo Bubble & Squeak (Ehsan Gelsi and Evan Sparks) return to their home-town of Castlemaine bringing with them a sound that is at the forefront of Australian electronica. Smashing genres since before mash-ups were invented, Bubble & Squeak was forged in the underground techno parties of Melbourne and honed in residencies across Europe. Having built a name for their record label Smash Bang Records and for their solo works in past years, 2011 sees B&S reunited with an arsenal of fresh sounds drawing on a decade of experience working a dancefloor. Bubble & Squeak are proud to present the 2011 Edition – Deep enough to swim in, hot enough to fry an egg.

2.15 When in Rome - techno

3.15 – close PCP dubstep, jungle

4.15 Amy Matilda – glitch techno

5.15 Mr T - fidget techno

8:45pm Earworm

9.30 Drumming Welcome & Official Opening

9.35 Sophia Sin – vocal-electronic backing

10 Jed – live minimal techno

10.45 Dr Jaffle – 8-bit breaks

11.30 Avante Garde – minimal techno-house

12.15 Black Lung (David Thrussell) – techno

1.15 Bubble & Squeak – live techno-house

2.15 When in Rome – techno

3.15 – Close – Amy, Mr T, Pete