Winged Creatures

The people involved in this performance come from Castlemaine Windarring and are participants in a monthly Arts Respite Program and meet one Saturday each month for 6 hours of dancing and having fun.

Winged Creatures involves between 10 – 12 participants with costumes comprising of colourful capes and wings attached to hands and neck. The colours are a bright mix of reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples etc. All participants wear a colourful and flashy mask. All masks are the same given uniformity to … “our species”.

Winged creatures shall fly around downtown Castlemaine Sat 9 April 10am – 11:30am, departing from the Market Building and following a flight-path around Hargraves and Mostyn Sts.

Presented by Windarring Castlemaine – a centre for people with disabilities