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Fringe Art Action Success

Posted on February 23rd, by Chelsea Coles in Fringe News. Comments Off on Fringe Art Action Success

What an amazing event our art auction was. It was such a success.

Thanks to our exceedingly kind and generous community we were able to make $3,500 which is exactly what we needed to make our funding targets.

Thank you very much to everyone who was involved. To those who donated works and services and to those who spent their money there. I am very confident that many people went home with a treasured bargain.

Next up on the fringe fundraising calender are a bunch of wonderful music nights at caspa and keep a look out for our spunky full program soon to be printed and launched to invite the world into our own artistic and creative community.

I am profoundly humbled to be on board with such a dedicated and inspired group of individuals with an arts festival that has a long history, one that is rich and ever evolving. To the Fringers of the past and to those of the future thank you and horrahh.

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