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Fringe Films

This year’s Fringe Film lineup is looking FILMTASTIC!

And will feature…a film  preview of ‘STICKY’ by local artist Jilli Rose, the timely TRANSITIONS FILM FESTIVAL, film art installations by Emiliy Caspi, A rockumentery by mark (Bullett Buthcher), as well as stop-frame animations and visually stunning high definition films about the culture and nature of the Kimberly and more….!!!

This years Fringe Films will be showing in a number of locations around town including Upstairs at the POST OFFICE, out bush in LOT 19, AND inside the amazing  THEATRE ROYAL. 

Ebb and Flow


EBB AND FLOW – A video installation of a girl who finds herself alone in the Judean desert. By Emmily Caspi.

Looping @ the Post Office




Tue 19/3 @8-11pm @ The Bridge Hotel, gold coin

sticky carpetSTICKY CARPET is Melbourne’s alternative Rockumentary of 2006, a passionate, community driven documentary film by Mark Butcher,[1] co-produced by Glenn Waterworth and Pip Stafford.

The long overdue cultural recognition to Melbourne’s much-loved independent music scene. This raw and vital filmed souvenir interviews the musicians currently leading the charge, today’s sonic explorers such as Robin Fox and Rod Cooper, and Melbourne scene stalwarts including Ross Knight (Cosmic Psychos), Bruce Milne (founder of Au-Go-Go Records, In-Fidelity Records), Ron Rude[2] (Melbourne Punk & DIY / Indie Recording Pioneer) and Roland S. Howard (Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party). A veritable roll call of live performance footage comes from the likes of Dirty Three, The Stabs, Baseball, Bored!, I Spit on your Gravy, The Sailors, Love of Diagrams, Pisschrist and many more. Sticky Carpet instinctively conveys the ongoing drive behind the bands – and even gets a little political. Most importantly, it shares in the passion and experimentation of Melbourne’s music scene which is great.

Bands include: The Stabs, HTRK, My Disco, Colditz Glider, The Birthday Party, Baseball, Group Seizure, True Radical Miracle, Cockfight Shootout, Nation Blue, The Sinking Citizenship, Agents of Abhorrence, Civil Dissent, ABC Weapons, Pisschrist, The Dacios, The Sailors, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Depression, Trash ‘n’ Chaos, Batrider, Ninetynine, The Stabs, The Assassination Collective, Digger and the Pussycats, The Losers, Bored!


Tue 19/3 @ 9pm @ Lot 19, gold coin

This is the first film project to come out of the strange bird house collective,, originally conceived as a play, in araignees distinctive style it has been crafted as a semi silent film, with kestrals musick in the soundtrack… premiere SCREENING!


Wed 20/3 @ 8-8.30pm @ Lot 19, gold coin

Lurrujarrie DreamingLurujarri Dreaming is a 28 minute animated documentary about the Goolarabooloo community of Western Australia, and their connection to sacred country. Be led along the Lurujarri Dreaming Trail that follows the Songcycle north from Broome, hear stories told by elders, children, women and men about their history and the Dreaming. Featuring a musical score by Alan and Stephen Pigram, Lurujarri Dreaming tells the stories of a people and a place that are currently threatened by massive industrialisation.




Wed 20/3 @ 7.30-8pm @ Lot 19, gold coin

Looking after our...LOOKING AFTER OUR… AS THE GOVERNMENT AND BIG BUSINESS ATTEMPT TO IMPOSE DEVELOPMENT ON OUR PRISTINE WILDERNESS, THERE’S ONE EXTRAORDINARY AUSTRALIAN UNITING THE PEOPLE OF THE KIMBERLEY…Anne speaks out about the social, human, cultural and environmental values that has built the community spirit of Broome. She keeps this vital spirit alive through her connection with the Families of Broome, inspiring old and new families to stand up as world citizens to ensure they protect their home. DINOSAUR PATHWAYS, HUMPBACK WHALES, DOLPHINS, BIRDS, BILBIES…THIS MAN ATTEMPTS TO SAVE THEM ALL!

Eco warrior Mark Jones speaks out against a gas development complex that spells doomsday for some of the world’s most unique and secretive species living around James Price Point, the coastal precinct in the Kimberley that the Western Australian Government and a consortium of corporate giants propose to dig up.
Expect to see dinosaur footprints, humpback whales, spinner dolphins, the incredibly rare and endangered bilby, and stunning landscapes of the Kimberley. Featuring Xavier Rudd’s most recent release “Spirit Bird” – debuted at #2 on the ARIA charts. SEEN THOSE MINING PROPAGANDA COMMERCIALS? NOW IT’S TIME TO HEAR THE OTHER SIDE!

The Kimberley is seriously under threat from the imposition of what could be the world’s largest industrialised gas hub proposed for James Price Point, 60km north of Broome. These are the people of Broome having their say.





Looping @ The Post Office, Upstairs

A Robots Dream A Robots Dream- This short film explores the relevance and importance of dreaming using characters from, the wizard of oz, Alice in wonderland and the Sandman the lord of dreams. This film provokes questions around the concepts of slavery, journey and what constitutes a heart and tackles those tackles throughout. Characters are made out of recycled barbie dolls. Alice Steel’s productions A Robots Dream is a short marionette performance showing for your pleasure and entertainment. Don’t miss out.





Wed 20/3 @ 9pm @ Lot 19, gold coin



I’m gonna hip-hop you to Uluru- Come along a great night of films with your host Monkeymarc as he takes you on a musical video journey through some of Indigenous Australia’s most remote Aboriginal Communities. Witness the hidden talents of the desert and deeper side of the real Australia.





Thu 21/3 @ 7.30pm   @  The Post Office, upstairs, $4/8

trains lions and kites



TRAINS, LIONS AND KITES is a videosynchratic journey through some of the world’s more delightful destinations. There are Lions sleeping in the Jungle, Kites flying in Lahore, Juggling in Java, and a small train popping up in the most unlikely places. A collection of short films bringing fun for the whole family.








Thu 21/3 @8.30pm @ The Post Office, upstairs, $5

Brains, or the Melody of Life.



Three men search for meaning and one finds it, albeit fleetingly in a plastic bag.
Creativity digs itself up on a moonlit night.
And other moving pictures by Dotahn Caspi.
Contains adult themes, drug references and horror.







Fri 22/3 @ 9pm @ The Theatre Royal $15/12

Aya awakeningsAYA: Awakenings is a documentary journey into the world and visions of ayahuasca shamanism, adapted from the cult book ‘Aya: a Shamanic Odyssey’ by Rak Razam.

As Razam sets out to document the booming business of Amazonian shamanism in the 21st century, he quickly finds himself caught up in a culture clash between the old world and the new. Braving a gringo trail of the soul, he uncovers a movement of ‘spiritual tourists’ coming from the West for a direct experience of the multi-dimensional reality shamanism connects one to.

Central to this is ayahuasca – the “vine of souls” – a legal South American entheogenic plant medicine that has been used by Amazonian people for millennia to heal physical ailments and to cleanse and purify the spirit, connecting it to the web of life.

For more information on this film go to:





Transitions Film Festival presents ANOTHER WORLD IS HAPPENING

short film program(90 mins)

Fri 22/3 @ 7pm @ The Theatre Royal $15/12


ANOTHER WORLD IS HAPPENING is a powerful collection of new short films and documentaries about the local and global shift toward a sustainable, clean energy economy. Featuring stories about community energy at Hepburn Wind, Beyond Zero Emissions zero carbon Australia plan, Post Carbon Pathways, solar energy in Aboriginal communities Bushlight NT, sustainable cities and many more inspiring topics that prove the transitions to a sustainable world is not just a dream, but is taking place all around us.

Curated by Transitions Film Festival.




 Sat 23/3@ 6-8pm @ The Post Office, upstairs, free

Sticky_invitation_front_webSticky is a film that tells a wonderfully positive Australian conservation success story, which we believe will inspire and energise viewers as well as create an icon of hope. “Sticky” is a 10 minute fully-animated documentary telling the astonishing true story of the stick insects from Lord Howe Island. It’s a love song to evolution, uniqueness, life and the little creatures underfoot. Also featuring live performance by amazing unconventional cellist Kristin Rule and the fabulous Billy Tankard whose work featured in the film Sticky. Come and have a sneak peak of this film before it is launched in may.