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Alex Miller: The good visa the bad visa Anglican Church

Alex Miller is the author of ten novels.  His work is published internationally and widely in translation.  Miller is twice winner of Australia’s premier literary prize, The Miles Franklin Literary Award and is an overall winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize.  He has won numerous other literary awards, including on two occasions the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction in the NSW’s Premier’s Award, 2001 & 2011; and the Age Book of the Year Award in 2011.  In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Melbourne Prize for Literature for his body of work.

Miller is a recipient of the Centenary Medal for services to Australian Society and the Manning Clark Medal for an outstanding contribution to Australian Culture.  He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.  His latest book, Autumn Laing (Allen and Unwin 2011) was received with rapture by the critics.  Miller’s eleventh novel, Coal Creek, will be released in Australia in October 2013 by Allen and Unwin.  He lives in Castlemaine with his wife Stephanie

Tue 19/3. 6.30-7.30 pm @ Agitation Hill



Anne Witherall, Amy McDonald & Andrew Lawson and Araignee

Sat 23/3 @ 1pm @ CASPA

Anne Witherall- Fly-Rejected by suburbia for being a freak, Agro finds acceptance in the Melbourne hardcore punk scene of the 1980’s, where mates and music are everything. Moving from squat to squat she and her friends survive thugs, prostitute rings, police raids, bikie gangs and thieving speed addicts. Despite the bleakness of their lifestyle they live by a code of loyalty, one that is all important and separate from the world that rejected Agro. In her desperate struggle for acceptance she is drawn back to her violent past. Only this time being a freak is no disadvantage. FLy is the beginning to a disturbingly real saga set in an underground world that slams to a genuine Melbourne beat with real bands, real venues and real attitude

Fly book2


Danielle Ryles: Chronicles of an Anarchist Rifter

Sun 24/3 @ 3.30-5pm @ CASPA


Come join off-beat poet, Turkey Witch, part time anarchist, Rifter and lazy faerie tale mystic Danielle Ryles for the launch of her first anthology “Chronicles of an Anarchist Rifter”. Covering all the important stuff: Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll; Life, death, the universe and everything; Love, enlightenment, freedom, liberation and anarchy. Featuring Melbournian wordsmiths Niccolo Palandri and Bridgette Louise and local hip-hop rapscallions ‘The Castlemaniacs‘.  Guaranteed to be a quick lyrical fix and a cheap but memorable thrill. Not for the faint hearted.

 Chronicles of an Anarchist RifterChronicles of an Anarchist Rifter #@





Bonnie Jephcott and Katie Rose; Fortune tellers

All evenings Theatre Royal

 boni and katie




Future Relic: Vulture instillation and performance
Sat 16/3  Dusk Installation, Performance @ 12am

@ Thompson Family Funeral  Directors 123 Mostyn St



Generation Waking Up Workshop

Sat 16/3 @ 1pm-5pm @  The Botanical Gardens Tea Rooms, $5

we are the largest, most multicultural, technologically savvy and interconnected generation ever. We can bring about a thriving, sustainable and just world. A dynamic, multimedia experiential workshop by inspiring young people.

 gen wake up



Travel Art Dance Theatre Company: Any requests?

Sat 16/3 @ 8pm  @ West End Hall $17-20
Presented by Travel Art Dance Company as part of Castlemaine Fringe Festival 2013.

WE BRING: One stage. One hour. One dance company.
YOU BRING: One request (e.g. music, prop, image, instruction).
THE SHOW: We see/hear your requests for the first time on stage and create an amazing performance experience with them…

 Presented by Travel Art Dance Company

 With Without

Sun 17th/3  1am-4pm

With/Without is a dance routine experimenting with alternative forms of communication and the relationship between the internal and external experience. For three hours the restricted bodies interpret a soundtrack of ambient noisescapes, instructions, music and movie samples through the movement of their legs.

with without


Guthrie Spence

Sun 17/3,  Sat 23/3, @ 8pm  @ Trades Hall $5-10

 a play about William Guthrie Spence the labour pioneer in the form of a speech relating his experiences and aspirations as a labour leader up to 1908. performed by Robert Cutting


Over the Cookoo Nest

Sun 17/3 From 9pm onwards  @ CASPA by Donation

over the coockoos nest

Araignee Chain: Town cryers recitation of the book
of the law 

Mon 18-21/3 @sunrise and sunset @ Cnr Mostyn and Hargreaves intersection

town cryer

Yoka Jones: Improvised site specific performances

Sat 23/3, 8/2 @6pm @ Mostyn Street, Castlemaine



Mouth to Mouth + Epic Queer

Sat 23/3,  West End Hall

Epic Queer @ 8pm,  Free or by donation

 Ever wonder what its like being GAY in school in 2013 ? ..check out ‘Include The Rainbow’ by EPIC QUEER

Include The Rainbow is the EPIC QUEER youth-led theatre company’s debut performance developed by a production group of talented young writers and performers in Victoria. Drawing on a range of theatrical styles from gritty realism to freakzoid absurdity, this dynamic series of vibrant monologues takes you on a roller coaster ride, exploring the ups and downs of love, intimacy, friendship, relationships and the many life challenges and risks young Queer people successfully negotiate in contemporary Victorian schools. Ending with a real message of hope, this performance gives schools, young people and artists practical idea’s on how to make your world a more accepting and supportive place for same sex attracted and transgender young people and how straight friends and the community can help.  It’s also hyper quirky !

epic queer



Mouth to Mouth,  8.30 pm $15-18

Desire begins with the throb of cock and clit –  not necessarily a against each other.

Spoken-word artists Brigitte Lewis and Niccolo Palandri join vocal chords to bring you ‘Mouth to Mouth': a verbal smorgasbord of skin pressed together, families etched into heartstrings and fingerprints burnt into hips.
Mouth to Mouth is the verbal intercourse you always wanted and never knew you needed.


mouth to mouth

Allis Maun: Story Telling Tent

Sat 23/3 @ 2.30-3.30pm Thompson Family Funeral Directors,123 Mostyn St

“this why i started the storytelling tent. To tell the tales of old to the young and the old.” (Aliis Maun, 5 minutes ago)
Allis will be running a story telling tent during the Castlemaine Fringe Festival on Sunday 24th at 2.30 in the bright coloured tent opposite Saff’s cafe.”




Sat 16/3, Sun 24/3 @ 8pm

@ Trades Hall Bookings 5424 1237 $10-12




Sue Ingleton: The Comic Stripped

Sun 24/3 @ 7pm @ West End Hall $25-23

Sue comic strippped


Sound Healing
Jason Hendrickson, Allis Maun and Guests 

Sun 24/3 @ 11am @ West End Hall  by donation



Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule:  Wyrd Performancy

Friday 22 March, 7.30 pm – midnight, cost $8/ $5 concession

Guildford Hotel, Midland Hwy, Guildford

Wyrd Performancy by Orryelle (violin, voice, dance, ritual theatre) with long-time collaborator Amordios Gobblynsmyth (percussion, electronica).

More music by Kestral (voice, guitar); Plus a special OrrKestral semi-improvisational culminative collaboration between the various performers of the evening, with Araignee on bass.


Orryelle Performing
Orryelle Performing