Fringe Festival Fundraiser

Fringe Festival Fundraiser

Friday January 16
6pm – 3am

Brick yard – BBQ and Bands
Workshops and circus entertainment. An afternoon of family friendly entertainment outdoors until. The sun goes down. We’re thinking 3-5 local bands as well as an origami workshop space and circus skills workshop to keep kids entertained.

Then the big kids come out to play. When it’s getting dark we’ll move inside and have a more serious dance band followed by dj’s who will play until you send us home.

We will be having a membership drive thought the event. For this we will only need one table with a couple of chairs. It will probably be moved inside when the entertainment shifts.

We will be asking for a small entry fee and look forward to talking to you about cost for using the venue including security.

Throughout the event we hope to have 300-400 people in attendance.Many ideas have been put on the table for this event.

We’d love to work in harmony with the forest to support the young, local musicians who’ve been approaching the collective as well as local artists who’ve been hiding in the woodwork and are now ready to let the community hear their musical talents.


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