• L'Amaze: Fringe Festival 2015

    March 13th - 22nd Castlemaine. Australia

Finding no

Finding No tells a story of a compulsive people-pleaser who needs to take care of number one for a change. Writer/producer/director Saara Lamberg strives to create interesting work that breaks expectations of gender, age, race, class and all the things that limit us to grow to our full potential. She is currently in preproduction of her first feature film, find details at: www.innuendomovie.com
Team of Finding No: Directors Saara Lamberg & Tony Ferrieri. Writer Producer Saara Lamberg. Cast Saara Lamberg, David Farrington. Composer Charly Harrison.. Sound recorder Sebastian Mittelman. Camera assistant Anthony Parisella.

Finding No will be showing the the Food Garden. Times and days to be confirmed.

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