• L'Amaze: Fringe Festival 2015

    March 13th - 22nd Castlemaine. Australia

The Perfectionist Manifesto - Carly Fern

This live-art, one-woman show will appeal to the perfectionist within. Part comedy, part musical, part therapy; The Perfectionist Manifesto serves as the final showdown between Carly and her long battle with perfectionism.

Carly Fern is a multidimensional performance, sound and installation artist and self-confessed human-unicorn. With talents that exceed the 3-dimensional universe, it has been Carly’s pleasure and passion to experiment with and dabble in absurdity, nudity and heart-felt profanity on her quest to find the ultimate creative platform.

Carly is performing at CASPA as part of the Fringe L’Amazing Performance on Tue 17, Wed 18 and Thu 19 March at 8pm.

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