• L'Amaze: Fringe Festival 2015

    March 13th - 22nd Castlemaine. Australia

Brittle Disquiet - Emmily Caspi

Using raw materials and focussing on their inherent materiality to generate forms. Brittle disquiet explores ideas of support structure, gravity, fragility and organic morphology. Through the act of making the gestural quality of the body’s interaction with the materials is exposed within the work.

Emmily Caspi is an interdisciplinary artist living in Melbourne. Through her desire to make, Emmily has a natural tendency towards organic sculptural forms and materials. A certain affinity with twine is threaded throughout her practice.

Emmily works both solo and in collaboration within a diverse range of fields. These include performance and installation, building models and sets for music videos and short films as well as producing a puppet show with indigenous children in Ecuador.

Brittle Disquiet will be exhibited throughout the Fringe Festival at the Old Gaol, Castlemaine. Opening hours 10-5pm.




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