• L'Amaze: Fringe Festival 2015

    March 13th - 22nd Castlemaine. Australia

Disturb Not The Air's Tranquility - Dotahn Caspi

Dotahn Caspi is a video artist and staging designer specialising in live video performance. Beginning his live video career as a VJ, Dotahn has performed in over 45 venues in Melbourne as well as interstate and internationally. His work has been seen in a diverse range of contexts, from theatre to fashion shows, video clips to live video performance.

Dotahn’s new work Disturb not the air’s tranquility, is a study of light and decay. Particles float freely in the light and there is a glimpse of helplessness, of the beauty of despair and decomposition. Time is used to suspend and to glimpse more closely the moment as if in the midst of trauma. We record each detail with accuracy and focus, but in this case the moment has passed.

Exhibited for the entire Fringe Festival at the Old Gaol, Castlemaine, opening hours 10-5pm

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