• L'Amaze: Fringe Festival 2015

    March 13th - 22nd Castlemaine. Australia

Hyperventilate - Forest Keegel

In this grotesque cycle of life trees provide wood pulp, that with an immense amount of energy and water is manufactured into paper bags, transported and generally used only once, often for a mere moment. A discardable husk, a plain wrapper masquerading as an environmentally responsible choice, a memento of a purchase, a signifier of branding. They become a colony of discarded paper bags, limpeting on to branches and forming lunglike growths in the crevasses of tree trunks. Each bag is venerated for its palimpsest of previous use, translucent indelible creases and stains and revered for its new vessel like suggestive form.

Viewing 24 hours a day from March 8-22

Sat 15 March
Steam train ride to see Hyperventilate and Maldon Art Walk
Meet at Castlemaine Station at 11.30 for the 11.45 train arriving Maldon 12.30
Train departs Maldon at 2.30 and arrives Castlemaine at 3.15
Two for the price of one deal as long as one person is local e.g. 2 people can purchase a return fare for $45 see the VGR website for fares 
There is also a Castlemaine bus departing Maldon at 3.20

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