• L'Amaze: Fringe Festival 2015

    March 13th - 22nd Castlemaine. Australia

Passing Through: Recent works on canvas by Melinda Rodnight

How the world we inhabit looks to us as an experience at different emotional times- can we see more or see less when we are distracted by pain, suffering, love, happiness? Is our vision heightened or blurred ….what experience does colour have for us in our depictions of the physical landscape?

A cliché, I know, but depicting the landscape as a metaphor for the human

condition is unavoidable. As an artist and a human being, experiences are visually recorded and the relationship to soul experience is through the memory of sight. The experience of being witness to sublime natural beauty…and in the everyday….leaves me without words, speechless, yet I can translate my profound intimacy with this experience through visual records….paint, brush, pen, ink….

My recent works on canvas are visual depictions for the viewer of the rural Victorian landscape that I live in and travel through. For me they are a documentation of memories, feelings and a sense of being.

Passing Through is on show daily throughout the Fringe at the Food Garden, opening hours 10-4pm.

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