Opening Friday 4 July 6 pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Alicia Huddy, Rebecca Ing, Bridget Keena, Mark Noulton, Wynona Sheldon, Dean Stanton, Sean Taylor.


“This exhibition features a selection of works from the private collection of curator Bridget Keena as an “intersection” or site for examining contemporary artistic practices.  Juxtaposing new work with work from the collection, Intersect is reflective of Keena’s interdisciplinary interests and showcases painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, text and sound.  The exhibition is indicative of the collaborative nature of artists working outside the Melbourne – Sydney continuum and features artists whose lives have “intersected” with Keena’s in Central Victoria.”




Image: Portrait of Bridget Keena, 7th-8th January 2012, Rebecca Ing, Polaroid, 2012.