(Latin for betrayal and treason)

In Camera Montages by Melissa Scott


This  project is visually examining the institutional abuse of children.

“A Catholic priest who has pleaded not guilty to charges of molesting a boy in a Melbourne parish house more than 40 years ago has been committed to stand trial…. He has been charged with two counts of buggery on a child under the age of 14 and two counts of indecent assault”. (The Age, 27.6.2013, Priest faces abuse trial, Adam Cooper)

This body of work is a combination of old and new imagery examining betrayal of trust.  It is an attempt to apply a caustic, mocking visual language to the rampant hypocrisy it addresses.  It juxtaposes the frivolous imagery of 1970s ‘Knitting Patterns’ packaging with the equally bland and supercilious visual language of kitsch religious souvenirs.

The work is intended to be a sardonic examination of issues that are being played out in shadowy institutions that hide themselves behind the ‘everyday’ reality of a society that should be deeply disturbed but seems instead to be largely indifferent.

Exhibition opening Friday 1 August 6-8 pm

Exhibition dates: 1 August – 30 August