Caspian Visions

Caspa Collective Exhibition


Johno Smith                             Earthscapes

Jacinta Walsh                           Landscapes

Rilka Laycock-Walsh               Mindscapes

Ben Laycock                               Seascapes

Jim Coad                                    Mountainscapes

Arraignee                                      E-scapes

Lillyan Shirvington                   Stonescapes


Opening Friday 6th March

At 6 o’clock

Dates: 6 – 28 March


Arragnee – E-scapes

‘aranye de ningyo’ means in the forest of human form….

images developed from chaos and an synthetic palate (computer painting) and the body of doll art composed since the last festival installed to draw you into the wonderful world of his imagination

Johnno Smith – Earthscapes

My paintings are plein air abstract improvisations constructed with selected materials from their sites along with other similar materials I have collected and processed. For example, slate, clay, charcoal, ash, ochres, sand, crushed rock, sap and found and recycled objects. This aims to enhance the sensory properties the landscape or subject itself may project through an artwork.

Jim Coad – Mountainscapes Roped in

An assortment of 2D and 3D images and objects, works on paper and video.

This work has evolved through an exploration of the life of mountaineer Freda du Faur, who climbed Mount Cook (New Zealand) in 1910.

The Freda Experience‘ is a theatrically based performance being presented for the Castlemaine State Festival.


Jacinta Walsh – Landscapes

Jacinta is studying visual arts at Bendigo Uni.

Her work revolves around the natural world


Lillian Shirvington – Rockscapes

Lillian is a jeweler and is studying Geology at Ballarat Uni


Rilka Laycock-Walsh – Mindscapes

Rilka has studied Visual Arts at R.M.I.T. and is a devotee of Psychodelic Trance music


Ben Laycock – Seascapes

Ben is an established artist obsessed with images of water

To see more of Ben’s work go to:

Ground pigment on canvas Johno Smith 2014

Rope Jim Code 2015-2Water gouache on paper 30x40cmBen Laycock 2015Matrix Acrylic on canvas 30x20cm Rilka Laycock-Walsh 2015Dog Rocks 10x15cm pencil on paper Jacinta Walsh 2014