Julie Andrews


Julie Andrews, Lost in the Liminal

Opening Friday 9 October 6-8 pm

Dates: 2-31 October


This body of work explores the psychological terrain of the liminal experience: the in-between space, of the everyday trance, of travel and moving thought the banal of the everyday. It is a place for noticing, escaping and contemplation: the move to the world in our heads, the imaginary, and a space from which memories, feelings and art seduce us.

I use the terms in-between and liminal interchangeably to convey a sense of this phenomenon, which is mysterious, distant and puzzling and is capable of sedating both time and space with an atmosphere heavy with possibilities. An encounter with this subjective space often happens by chance, a potential glimpse of something on the peripheral, blurred, ambiguous, confusing, a dreamlike space—a twilight zone—where the poetic hides and anything could happen. My paintings reference this space by using circles often found in photography and video imagery, produced by out of focus highlights; these circles add an atmosphere suggestive of a memory or a contemplative mood. I use paint to explore these ideas because I enjoy its flexibility and its robust nature, its colour possibilities and its tactile application.