Neo Theos: A Collective Awakening

Exhibition dates: 6-29 May, Opening Friday 6 May 6 pm

Featuring: Lisa Guzzardi, Mark Noulton, Danielle Ryles, Alice Steel, Rilka-Laycock Walsh

This is a group exhibition that illustrates the importance of using creative disciplines to initiate, augment and express the personal mythologies and rich imaginary terrains born from the innate desire to extract meaning and purpose from the human experience.

Through the creation of rituals and celebrations designed to strengthen their understanding of seasonal changes and sacred topography, as well as a keen proclivity to reconnect and engage with universal archetypes, kreecha consciousness and ancient dreamtime entities, five local artists offer their audience a unique chance to glimpse a mystical, extramundane landscape that has, in part, been lost to the fragmentation and chaos of the modern world.

Employing a diverse range of mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, drawing and digital manipulation, they collectively delve into the unfathomable realms beyond the curtain, all the while maintaing a thematic undercurrent that speaks of developing a greater sense of self awareness and belonging.

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