The Butchers Picnic, Tony Day

Opening Friday 5 August 6-8 pm

Exhibition dates: 5-28 August 2016


A little while ago, I had a dream of a place that I once knew. It was a place my family went to every now and then when I was a child.
We went on the train, a red rattler of a thing which had a steam engine pulling it over Big Hill and down through the Ravenswood and Harcourt valleys all the way to Castlemaine.
We were all off to the Butchers Picnic, a free for all where it seemed that for one day we could become explorers to another foreign land. Or so it seemed to me as a young boy.
I remember hanging out the carriage windows, water pistols drawn as we aimed for some unknown kid then chase each other madly and generally cause havoc for our parents. We were all free agents for the day with a licence for fun and mayhem.
I remember how we got ready for the journey, the games we played and the warmth of the day. I remember the carelessness we all shared.
It’s weird now to think that we were all so free and happy, it’s different now and It’s all very joyful to remember though.
This exhibition was created from my desire to capture the ephemeral nature of our memories of long gone events. None of these works are terribly accurate in their representation of these, they are merely impressions of those times recorded in line and print.



Aunty Iris gets her Kit On 2016 Ink on Paper 900 mm x 600 mm

Tony Day, Aunty Iris gets her kit on, 2016, Ink on Paper, 900 mm x 600 mm