Liz Sullivan – She Walked into the room like an Apology

2-25 February 2018

0pening Friday 2 February 6-8 pm

Liz Sullivan

Liz Sullivan has been  making Art for over forty years and continues to come back to her  “Old Friends” – mediums, images, signature moves.  There is an unpredictability to how and what Liz does. The making of “Art” for Liz is an internal process produced through external means of painting, drawing and sculpture.

She Walked into the room like an Apology, is about the translation/transformation of well-known classicial forms of sculpture and art.  The end result is not planned and never known until the work is complete.  The sculptures are abstractions of visual language evolving and provoking. Liz uses contemporary forms of communication and mediums such as the coloured pencil, china graph and watercolour wax crayons, as well as resin and synthetic fabrics to arrive at marks, cropped forms and suggestions of moments to remember. The computer and copiers also stamp incidental marks and colours that add to their beauty and interpretation.  Each artwork and its interpretation is a form of self-portrait, a step into form and image echoing life and humanity.