Skulls and Flowers

Opening Friday 6 July 6-8 pm
Dates: 6-29 July

Skulls and flowers are arcane symbols of death and revival, decay and growth, horror and beauty.

image: Minka Peters

These ancient symbols were used in combination by secret esoteric movements and have been popularised in tattoo art, gang culture and day of the dead celebrations.

Year Ten and Eleven students from Castlemaine Secondary College have used these symbols to explore a wide variety of styles and techniques in order to hone their technical skills and develop confidence and competence in manipulating Paint, Print and Photography. The results are impressive, the artworks are whimsical, delightful, amusing and eccentric as well as serious, dramatic and tragic.

Come and be delighted and repelled.

In conjunction with Skulls and Flowers will be artworks by students from the Steiner Stream at CSC.