Amalgamation, Group Exhibition featuring Ryles, Gunning, Newbold

Opening Friday 2 November 6-8 pm

Exhibition dates: 2-30 November

Artists:   Danielle Ryles Jamie Gunning Mark Newbold

Amalgamation brings together three artists with diverse backgrounds in tattooing, graffiti, painting and poetry to explore the landscapes that formulate the individual topography of the subconscious.

Driven by the cathartic, symbolic and parabolic synthesis of experience and imagination, what emerges is a cosmic engagement designed to inspire the importance of developing unique personal mythologies and vision.

Using a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, and ink, the trio paint a vibrant and dynamic multiverse into existence. With a propensity to sexualise shapes that stimulate dormant or repressed desires and arouse eroticism, whilst simultaneously capturing the ascension of the soul as it untangles itself from the web of sex and death and distilling the ancient galactic spittle that dribbles from the lips of the Cosmic Spirit, Amalgamation is sure to stimulate all six senses.



Danielle Ryles                                                                             Jamie Gunning                                                                                    Mark Newbold