Caspa December Group Exhibition, opens Friday 7 December 6-8 pm

Dates 7 – 31 December

When we were children we would cut and paste different colours of paper or pictures to form an image. Today collage is an important visual language for communication. From the early photomontages of Dada, collage was used as a political commentary and critique of our society.

For the December Caspa group exhibition, artists are invited to explore the concept of collage – the exploration of glued papers, the cut and paste of images from photographs or reproduction. The work can be sculptural made from a variety of fragments and objects or performance based.

The concept is to create a new image/object from unrelated pictures to make something new, something insightful commenting on recent social issues such as immigration, inequality, oppression, climate change, poverty, homelessness, religion and child sexual abuse, government accountability.