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December, Group Exhibition – open to all

December call out – theme: The Ready Made

Marcel Duchamp challenged the idea of what is art with his ready-mades.

The readymade was a mass produced everyday object taken out of its usual context and promoted to the status of artwork by the artist.

Caspa is committed to challenging our perceptions of the things around us.

You are invited to contribute to this group exhibition drawing on the work of Duchamp.

In 1917 Duchamp submitted Fountain to the Society of Independent Artists under the pseudonym R Mutt.  R stood for Richard, French slang for moneybags and Mutt referred to the manufacturer of the urinal.


mona urinal


Please note that we will not be accepting any urinals.


Alter our perception, test the boundaries and contribute to this group exhibition.  You are required to email us the details of your work (2D or 3D) and the space you require. Email to:


$10 entry for the group exhibition to be paid when work delivered.

Work to be delivered:  Monday 27 November to Wednesday 29 November.

Opening:  Friday 1 December 6-8 pm

Work to be collected: Sunday 7 January


Enquiries:  Ben Laycock, 0401 338 284 or Melissa Scott 0427 22 33 58


More information on Marcel Duchamp:


If you would like to exhibit in 2018 please contact Melissa on 0427 223358