Past exhibitions

Remix, Marte Newcombe
Feeling Sheepish, Candy Stevens
Grid, Winifred Belmont
Rius Carson, Birds and Fish, another Chonkist idiom
Jean Doucet, The Circle
Andy Pye & Leiana Keogh
March Caspa Residents Exhibition
Residency, Feb 2019
Amalgamation, Group Exhibition featuring Ryles, Gunning, Newbold
Leslie Thornton, Clocktober
She Writes in White Ink , Emily Donehue, Melita Jansen
Skulls and Flowers
Underneath the Undergrowth, Mark Noulton
My Big Backyard: Reflections on Landscape
Helen Kelly Pop Up Exhibition
Liz Sullivan - She Walked into the room like an Apology
Images and Desires, Carly Fern Ellerbock
3 artists, 3 worlds, 3 walls
Shhh Melissa Scott
Skulls and Fish
Vox Pop Sam Crassweller
April 2017 - Meg Nightjar, Orryelle Defenestrate
February 2017 - Tony Bowen, Rare Earth
Recent Works by Ben Laycock
State of Templation, Kevin Holschier
Ballad of a Starving Artist
The Butchers Picnic, Tony Day
Hayley Arjona, Sicko-Delic
Mark Noulton - The Ether Eater
Neo Theos: A Collective Awakening
Vagabondage by Sonja Saxvik
Caspa Group Exhibition
Double Bagging - Leslie Thornton
John A Smith - Seeking the Dragon
Julie Andrews
Get one into ya
Lesley Little Pastel Clearance Sale
Rust By Ben Laycock
Gary Beaumont, Crystal Dark
Tony Bowen Slate and Ochre
Caspian Visions
Mark Noulton & Danielle Ryles - Horposian Light Chronicles
Domestic Bliss - Diane Thompson
Drawn out moments and Sketchy Lines
Kevin Holschier & Janne Fowler
Hayley Arjona, Rock n Roll Redneck
Damien Cook, Going with the Flow
Caspa Group Show Arts Open
Rex Watts New Works
Caspa Kris Kringle - Polar Bears in a Snowstorm, or I'm dreaming of a white Kristmas
Rust and Bones - Mark Noulton - November 2013
Of Consequence - Genevieve Thornton and Elise Lidgett - October 2013
Different Strokes - Kain White, Pete Byrne, Torvus Art - September 2013
Landscapes - Jason Jones - July 2013
Rock, Paper, Chisels - Joe Pratt - June 2013
EN-Trance - Brett Garling - May 2013
in uendo - Anthony Kenny - February 2013