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Picturing real change – OrphFund silent auction

Love photography? Love art with meaning? Feel like extending your Fringe experience into 90 minutes that will create change for children and young people across the globe?

Then we’ll be looking forward to warmly welcoming you to a very special Fringe gathering this Sunday at Five Flags Merchants, Campbells Creek.

In a special event, taking place from 2.30pm till 4.00pm to raise funds for local charity OrphFund, a remarkable collection of photographs will be on offer both by direct sale and in a silent auction.

Established in Campbells Creek in 2006, OrphFund is a unique organisation supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable children by bringing hope and opportunity to their lives.

OrphFund was founded by local, Steve Argent, who, having worked in management roles at a number of the world’s brand name aid agencies, was keen to find new ways to facilitate change.

Sunday afternoon’s silent auction is something of a unique OrphFund fundraising tradition, too: the sale of beautifully framed photographs taken in the field – moments in time that celebrate the organisation’s global achievements.

For the OrphFund team, all of whom in Australia are volunteers, Sunday’s gathering will undoubtedly capture the ‘reactivate’ theme of this year’s Fringe Festival. 

“In addition to being an important fundraiser for us, Sunday will also be a celebration of what we’ve all achieved,” Steve Argent said. “We held a similar exhibition over a year ago, but we’re viewing Sunday as a ‘refire’ moment, having faced up to the COVID challenge of the last year.”

Holding a degree in fine art and with many years of travel under his belt, a camera always at his side, it’s been Steve’s inspiration that has seen the sale of photography – specifically of the children and young people the organisation has championed – serve as a key funding stream for OrphFund.

“Clearly, we don’t raise the vast sums of money the global organisations do, so we need to ensure the money we do raise goes directly to empower those in need,” Steve explained.

“We’re strategic in where we spend precious dollars to support young people – our donors and volunteers rightfully look to that standard, as does our board. It’s an approach that gets results for the almost 10,000 children and young people we currently serve.

“Moneys raised on Sunday will go directly to our education fund – it’s a life-changing experience to witness young children develop through our program and then, at 17 or 18, declare they wish to go on with their studies; that they wish to become teachers,” Steve said.

OrphFund snapshot: the organisation funds 13 schools and 8 children’s villages, with 450 of the neediest children provided with a safe home. To find out more ahead of Sunday’s gathering, head to the OrphFund website: http://www.orphfund.org/ 

Event: The I Am Someone Silent Auction 

Where: Five Flags Merchants, 151 Main Rd, Campbells Creek

When: Sunday, 21 March

Time: 2.30pm

by David Littlewood