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The Light Bazaar

The Light Bazaar is an incredible installation as part of Fringe’s Art Window walking tour – is no 26. in the old Videoland on Mostyn St.. Note the film shown here has been slowed down for your interest – go see it for yourself!


“The Light Bazaar is a tessellating kaleidoscopic lighting installation. Inspired by ancient Islamic architecture, textiles and music, the ancient mediums of light and symmetry come together into a modern work of art.

MXM Studios, a Melbourne-based creative collective, spent two years developing an innovative light technology that harnesses mathematical rules and algorithms to generate mesmerising light patterns in this celebration of light and ideas in The Light Bazaar.

Classical Islamic art forms such as architecture, textiles and music take inspiration from the repetitive and iterative forms of nature. By  intertwining and evolving simple patterns, for example the whorl of a seashell or the unfolding of flower petals, intricate and beautiful new forms are created.

The accessibility of these patterns and the grand beauty of their larger geometric constructions can inspire feelings of awe and invite contemplation. Traditional artisans used materials such as mineral pigments and clay; today, emerging innovations in software and hardware like those used in The Light Bazaar enable the extension of these ideas into algorithmic art.

The artwork invites festival goers to engage in the wonder of the patterns, just as the tiled façade of mosques and other Islamic buildings have bestowed for millenia.”


The Light Bazaar Is:

Steven Manos (Lead artist)

Leroy Clunne-Kiely (Software lead)

Benjamin ‘Bigs’ Coppel (Lighting design)

Joel Wells (Engineering and design)

David Fedyk (Design and fabrication)

Helen Evans (Artist)

Ali Shams Ahmadi (Artist)