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Jen Moore -DJ

Jen Moore -DJ

Tech House Electro
If you’ve never been caught in a Jen Moore drenching of a dancefloor, a bar or a sunny field in hypnotic and revitalizing beats at a special occasion or two then your name is the internet. in these spaces she is often approached by people asking what the hell it is that she’s playing or where they can catch her again. the interwebs, soundcloud? not really. she’s pretty much a weirdo, the extroverted introvert, the dj’s dj, a connoisseur.
Falling head over heels into the sweaty, sexy, radiant bosom of sydney’s underground queer scene at the age of 19, she started spending all her rent money on records and cut her teeth on the decks at kickons after the club, notably, Sydney’s grungy little techno electroclash night Club Strudel at the Phoenix, where she and her girlfriend had free reign to fill a 3am slot with performance art each month. 20 years later, Jen and her chipped teeth are still hauling heavy records up and down the stairs at bars and clubs.

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Beats in the park - leftfield cosmic disco, electro and house

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