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feat. Lady Fun Times 11.10pm

feat. Lady Fun Times 11.10pm

A glorious concoction of women who meet weekly in the quaint surrounds of the West End Hall, Castlemaine. Forming after an initial call by the most wondrous of matriachs Rosie Annear to share in her banging Backstreet Boys Choreo. Lady Fun Times takes what was once lounge room, to a shared space, a wonderland of women who revell in sparkles, pop culture and crutch thrusts and who declare that there is no such thing as too much. Lady Fun Times encourages all of its members to bring their shit with them every week, to dance it out, to contribute and to teach other. It’s magic stuff and you can feel it when it tingles in your loins and heart muscles. ⁠



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a Crotch of Dancers