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Nadia Phillips – Comma Stage

Nadia Phillips – Comma Stage

Nadia Phillips is a singer/songwriter from the historic township of Castlemaine who keeps exploring instruments, styles and genres. With local Swiss-Italian heritage, she enjoyed an upbringing surrounded by music, art and nature. Piano tuition from an early age shaped her passion. She has since been playing guitar to write, record and perform. The complications of self understanding and the longing to understand others drive her songwriting.

After years of constructing and uploading eclectic folk demos of her songs in her bedroom studio, Nadia has been collaborating and emerging as a young artist. She’s now releasing her second single Your Dark Side, playing live in Melbourne and regional Victoria, and working on an EP with band The Undecided.

Nadia writes and plays original Indie folk-rock styled songs. She writes emotive lyrics, driving guitar lines and undeniably catchy phrases.

“I love how music feels when experienced with others. I was always intrigued by the arthouse atmosphere of my town’s Theatre Royal,” said Nadia. “I became a frequent face at world music gigs at the venue from a very young age. Seeing the way that music brought people together really fuelled me to start songwriting in my early teens.”

Nadia explores instruments and genres as well as process her thoughts and feelings through her lyrics. These heartfelt and relatable songs were met with affectionate praise from listeners on SoundCloud, with over 75,000 streams on the platform to date.







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Original Indie folk-rock styled songs